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A Nucleus Of Happiness

ApolloYour dog DOES love you. Or at least he/she thinks very positively about you. That’s the interesting finding in this article in National Geographic.


In this study dogs were trained to sit quietly in an MRI tube while their brains were analyzed. (Incredibly well-trained dogs, right?)  The researchers found that when the dogs were given a scent associated with their owners, a specific part of their brain associated with positive emotions ‘lit up’. This did not happen when the dogs were allowed to sniff other objects without an owner’s scent.

It’s common knowledge dogs can smell better than we can, they use their nose to explore their world. But here is another important part of the direct nose-brain connection. Your dogs sniffs you and feels pleasure! You scratch her head/rub her ears and you feel pleasure! What could be more satisfying than the human animal bond?

More later……………………………..



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