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Mindful Meowser

Mindfulness;  paying attention, in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentallyAO9C0557

It’s well-known in veterinary circles that Christmas and New Year’s bring a spate of euthanasias. Why our most cherished patients or helpless creatures appear in our hospital in increased numbers at the holidays is unknown. Most vets will tell you that giving an animal a peaceful death when it is suffering is the ultimate kindness, but even the most positive among us have a harder time at the holidays. We’re all supposed to be joyous this time of year.

My friends and clients that work in the medical field tell me they see the sick, the lonely, the mentally ill, the isolated among us end up in the ER more this time of year too. 

As much as we love animals, we love our clients too.  We are lucky at Hill-Dale to have close relationships with so many, and I count it as a blessing to live and work in a small town where I can know them personally as well as professionally.

In the last month we’ve had many clients that are battling major illness in themselves and their family. They have all been remarkably strong in the face of sadness and pain.

This was reinforced to me yesterday when I spoke with a dear client whose husband is battling cancer. She told me it has forced her to live in the moment and enjoy each day.  Her experience has made her mindful.  She said that mindfulness was something she strived for in the past but it took until now to feel she can embrace the principle.

Once again I’m reminded how much we can learn from our pets and why we love them so.  They are the ultimate mindful beings.  They live for simple pleasures. They eat with gusto, sleep hard, complain when compelled, and guilelessly love.  What’s so hard about that?

Happy Holidays and more later……………………………………..


One comment on “Mindful Meowser

  1. I have learned many lessons from my girls thru the years. The most important being to love others unconditionally and to live for the moment and not to worry what tomorrow will bring……………………. I couldn’t have had any better teachers…………………

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