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I’m a dog person.

But only because I’m horribly allergic to cats.  There have been several cats over the years I would have loved to open up my home to, but then I wouldn’t have been able to breathe. 

Cats are fascinating because they maintain so much ‘wildness’ in their actions.  Even highly social, affiliative cats can have times they appear disengaged or aloof.  It’s all an act of course, they probably scrutinize us more than our dogs do.  Dogs are willing to ‘give it up’ for your attention, while most cats want to make YOU work for THEM.

Cats are now our most popular pet because they seem so self-sufficient and self-contained. These low maintainance qualities work against them if they get sick.  So many times I only see a cat patient when something has gone ‘cat’astrophically wrong with them. 

Because of these cat characteristics, it is critically important that a cat owner have a relationship with a veterinarian they trust.  A good physical exam every year and a discussion about how to recognize normal versus abnormal behavior is key.  Your veterinarian should take the time to answer your questions.  When we work together we are able to keep our purring friends happy and healthy for their lifetime. 

More later………………………………


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