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Cat-a-gorically Funny

Summer flowers and Luca09 012http://news.discovery.com/animals/pets/cats-do-not-ignore-humans-130625.htm

Today I met a great new client who brought in her two rescued sibling cats.  The male cat was very outgoing and friendly, the female much more reserved and nervous.  Even though they shared the same mother and therefore many genes, they were very different cats.

The woman who brought them in joked that her fiance thinks the female cat is out to get him.  She is hesitant in his presence and slow to warm to him.  He is unnerved because he feels she watches him surreptitiously, with unknown intent. 

We had a good laugh over this and I told her not to worry because I have never read of a case of homicide by the family cat.  But it did get me thinking again about cats and their behavior. 

Dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves. You probably know exactly what your dog is thinking.  While cats, even bold ones, are elusive, more watchful than demonstrative.

The article above nicely outlines that our house cats mimic their wild counterparts by maintaining stoicism.  It also states that they manipulate us.  What an interesting dichotomy! They watch us with reserve and an almost noble manner. Until feeding time that is, then all that cultivated pride goes right out the window in the name of dinner.

More later………………………………………..


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