A Fool and His Money


For $5.99 a month you can subscribe to DogTV guilt ridden pet owners! No longer feel bad for having to work to keep you dog in the comfort to which it is accustomed!

This seems to me to be a way for DirecTV to part you from your money.  In school I learned that dogs cannot visually process television images. They don’t see colors and perception as we do and therefore can’t “see” what’s onscreen. I’m not sure this is true. I have had many clients over the years give me very specific behaviors their dogs display when the tv is on.

One dog attacks the tv screen when he sees cats, another dog barks when it hears engine sounds from a car or truck ad.  One owner told me his dog whines only when the tv shows leaves.  Why leaves? That seems like a pretty small and specific trigger in a species that isn’t supposed to see things on tv.

Like others things in life, you sometimes find that what you were taught is not always accurate.  I won’t judge someone for trying to feel better about the dog’s home life and ordering DogTV. I do worry though that they may be anthropomorphizing.  We know that dogs get bored, but I’m not sure tv is better than a really vigorous walk.  Or a session of fetch.  And it’s free.

More later……………………………………..bubba



2 comments on “A Fool and His Money

  1. Is there a CatTV??HaHa!!I always look forward to your posts!!

  2. Interesting. I’m sure in the veteranarian community there needs to be a scientific explanation for behaviors. For the average person, I say believe what you know from your personal experience and base your actions on that. As long as you’re doing no harm, then, well, no harm…Animal planet is one of my favorite stations. When my pug was alive I couldn’t watch it, ever. He ran at the tv and barked in front of it as long as there was an animal on the screen! Oddly, when he met other animals in person he never barked or ran at them like he did the tv…go figure.

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