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Vet Debt


I enjoy posting thoughts about the human-animal bond.  My posts tend to be animal-centric, that is, appreciating the special nature of our pets. 

This article makes me think I need to be blowing some altruism towards new veterinary graduates as well as the profession as a whole. 

What price would you put on a dream?

If it’s becoming a veterinarian, start thinking about $200,000 for vet training. That’s NOT including undergraduate tuition and costs.  Having a debt to income ratio of >4:1 is not sustainable.  The trickle down effect of a serious recession, the decline of the numbers of pet owners, the explosion of Dr. Google (who is often wrong), online pharmacies have all had their effects.

These influences are changing my noble profession. We not James Herriott anymore.  In the last 100 years we have made incredible strides improving animal health.  We now need to heal ourselves.

More later……………………….



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