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Lucky Dog


Its’ only when we travel outside our routine existence that we recognize what might be normal for us might be extraordinary in other situations. 

I often think about this when I am seeing patients at Hill-Dale.  We are so lucky to have the clients we do.  Most of our clients feel their pets are not merely animals but family, and it is rewarding to offer the best for them.

An example of routine versus extraordinary is our therapy laser.  Three years ago we invested in a state of the art laser that mitigates pain and speeds healing by increasing cellular functions.  It was a costly purchase and we didn’t know how well it would be received.  As we used it, we saw amazing patient responses.  I lasered the ear of a cocker spaniel who had bite wounds from a dog attack and was stunned by how the wounds were completely healed 3 days later.  A cat with a bulging disk went from fractious, tiger-like behavior to purring/sleeping after 6 minutes of laser therapy on her sore back. 

I now have a stable full of aging and elderly pets who come in routinely for therapy on their degenerative joints.  Their owners swear these animals feel better with this help. 

So it has become common place here at Hill-Dale to recommend laser therapy and use it.  But if you think about it, it’s really remarkable that people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on something that merely IMPROVES their pets quality of life but is not ESSENTIAL to its survival (i.e. food, shelter).

One of the most poignant things about a pet’s life is that it doesn’t get to choose who owns it.  Fate decides whether it gets a stable home life or not.  How many worthy dogs are tied up outside and ignored?  How many cats get kicked out of the house for clawing up furniture? On the streets of Athens, Greece I saw homeless dogs wandering. Seemingly socialized to humans but where did they sleep at night? Were they warm and well fed?  Who gave them hugs and kisses?

Here is Sheba.  Sheba is a good girl for her laser therapy.  However, she expects a continuous ear rub and steady stream of treats during her sessions.  I love it that her quality of life is so good that she has high expectations.   Sheba Rindfliesch Laser

That’s what they all deserve.  

More later………………………………………………………………


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