Food for Thought


Experts say we must be careful anthropomorphizing animal behavior.  That means giving human characteristics/interpretation to an animal behavior. 

This article is compelling in that it describes dogs that display behavior extremely similar to humans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Do dogs get PTSD? Or do they simply display a behavior depending on the cues from the humans in its vicinity? People who study ethology (animal behavior) might say some of it is in response to cues we give them. 

Who is the ‘softy’ in your family? Which human does the dog or cat know they can push around for more attention, treats, etc.?  Is the pet giving a situational response……..or are these dogs truly suffering from a mental disorder brought on by stress?

Wish they could talk and tell us.

More later……………………………………




2 comments on “Food for Thought

  1. Compelling article indeed and also not the first I’ve read on this subject. I do believe this is just as real for dogs as it is for humans……………..and I believe they can help each other through it. Shame on those who doubt this………………..

  2. My personal feeling is that the giving these dogs the diagnosis PTSD is not a completely accurate picture of what happens to them. I do think it’s a combination of negative association with stressful events/sounds and learned behavior from their humans cues. I hope the experts will continue to characterize this disorder so these brave dogs will get the proper treatment. Thanks for commenting Deb!

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