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Old Another article I couldn’t pass up. This one discusses the human-elderly animal bond, and the emotional turmoil that comes from caring for them through illness and pain. Those of us who love pets think of them as very noble creatures, but we should also praise ourselves.  Most of us will get another pet and continue the […]

Food for Thought,0,1859286.story Experts say we must be careful anthropomorphizing animal behavior.  That means giving human characteristics/interpretation to an animal behavior.  This article is compelling in that it describes dogs that display behavior extremely similar to humans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Do dogs get PTSD? Or do they simply display a behavior depending on the cues from the humans […]

The Social Parasite, Take 2 Interesting article. Dogs want YOU to interact with them when you bring them a  new toy.

Bond Girl I started this blog wanting to celebrate the human animal bond and how fulfilling living with a pet you love can be.  Maybe it’s worth talking about what happens when that bond is imperfect or frayed. Above is Obie, a 77 pound dachshund.  Obie was almost loved to death by his owners.  The news reports say […]