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Dyeing to Justify it All


Does dyeing your dog make you a better pet owner?

Sounds dumb, but it might. I usually blog to celebrate the human-animal bond, and how we’ve all become experts at treating our pets like gold. There is an uncomfortable truth however, that we do what we want with our pets without their consent.

Ear cropping and tail docking to meet a breed standard is not illegal in this country as it is in the UK. It is considered routine to declaw a cat so it doesn’t shred our furniture. People pay big money to buy toy dogs that have their dewclaws removed at 3 days of age. Spaying and neutering is usually elective surgery. We alter our animals to fit OUR expectations.

I don’t particularly care for ear cropping but I’m a hypocrite because I like the way the cropped ears look. Over the years I’ve seen that people who spend money on the crop tend to take better care of the dog. Why? I’m not a psychologist but I think it’s because they want to protect their investment. I can talk until your eyes roll back in your head why spaying and neutering helps the individual and the general animal population, but really it’s not a requirement to own a pet.

So at first I was really righteously angry at the Chinese when I read this article. What a waste of money and a potentially toxic thing to do to a pet. What if they dye gets in their eyes? What if they ingest it? What if it burns the skin? But then I looked at my neutered, cropped eared, bobbed tailed dog lying next to me. Maybe dyeing is the first step for the Chinese to recognize that pets are WORTH caring for properly. Maybe from trendiness will come humane treatment.

More later…………………………………….


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