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The Sky’s the Limit

I think an indicator of maturity is recognizing you have limitations.  Some are real (I don’t have the skill to do orthopedic bone plating ) and some perceived (I can’t squish spiders).  As adults, we develop coping mechanisms to deal with them in a hopefully productive manner. 

Certain limitations are for the better.  From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s likely that realizing them keeps us alive and healthy.  We don’t jump from great heights because we didn’t evolve wings. We don’t eat grass because it doesn’t taste good and we can’t digest it. 

I marvel at dogs and cats (and kids too) because they mostly seem to take their limitations in stride.  Sunday night I had an emergency, what we call a BDLD.  A big dog-little dog scrum.  You can guess who comes out worse in those.  Fortunately the little dog had non life threatening injuries, but unfortunately I had to remove it’s traumatized eyeball.  The owners were besides themselves, as would be expected. They loved both dogs and now had to deal with not just a serious injury but also the ramifications of the fight.  By the next morning the little dog was extremely bright and perky and had recovered from surgery well. By afternoon she ate a snack and was willing to walk outside.  Her remaining eye was fixed on me when I evaluated her and in it I could see her personality shining through. Having only one eye was okay with her it seemed.

My nephew has had 8 skull surgeries in his 6 years on earth. He was born with missing toes and a malformed thumb.  If you look at his medical chart and not the boy himself, you would expect significant cognitive and physical disabilities.  In fact, he displays none.  You don’t want to be the person who tells him no.  He runs fast, reads like a demon and in general refuses to accept the world on its terms. 

Apparently HE doesn’t believe in unworthy limits.  Why do we? 

I have patients who are missing organs, limbs, teeth.  Dogs and cats who were abused and/or neglected before getting their forever homes. They all seem to cope just fine. No pity please, just pass the treats.

We always talk about training our pets to coexist with us. Maybe we should look to them for how to handle life’s curveballs. 

more later…………………………………..


One comment on “The Sky’s the Limit

  1. Maybe we should look to them for alot of life’s lessons……………who should be training who???

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