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Starting Over

Change is in the air at Hill-Dale.  We were sad to lose our associate Dr. Stowell, who had been with us for a little over a year.  She left to start over herself. We retired our automatic processor (no more xray film) after 20 years.  We stopped taking emergency calls after 10pm.  We hired a great new veterinarian, Dr. Cheeks. We transitioned to digital/computerized radiology.  We tried to manage these changes as best we could.

It all reminds me that life’s only constant is change. Spring brings this to life.  Plants come up and flower, baby animals are born, the Cubs have a chance to win the World Series. 

Our very cells divide to keep us intact and functional.  Starting over IS life.

I try to remember this whenever I need to absorb something new.  The digital xray system is an example. I’ve been grumping about it all week.  I have to learn a new way to take xrays, new settings and new positioning, new software to absorb, new skills to evaluate and manipulate and send images on a computer screen. Our techs (bless them) remind me how this will make life easier. Starting over can be excruciating.

Dr. Stowell and Dr. Cheeks remind me of how it feels to see something new for the first time. We’re student and teacher at the same time.  I taught Dr. Stowell how to tap blood and air off a cat’s chest who had been hit by a car, I showed her the best way to work up ear infections.  She taught me to use terbenafine for Ringworm cases and how to better position animals for shoulder xrays.   I’m looking forward to seeing what Dr. Cheeks and I will share.  I used to dread doing something new, I was always afraid I would hurt my patient.  Now I try to look for new skills to keep practice interesting. Starting over can be invigorating.

We’ve  had a hard week. We put several of our favorite clients beloved pets to sleep.  The soaring happiness of being with an animal that you love and the deep, deep sorrow when they’re gone. Starting over is all there is.

More later……………………….


One comment on “Starting Over

  1. Great picture! Starting over is hard to do; moving on seems easier. Using and remembering things old and combining/using them with the new seems to be an easier transition. Starting over conveys a sense of finality; moving on brings valuable lessons, yet doesn’t bury/forget the past. Especially when your deeply loved companion is gone. Starting over would mean they never were…………..moving on means they always will be……………..I chose to move on…………..and you?
    P.S. I love reading your posts……………faithfully……………….

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