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Ur Doing What?

Did you ever notice how living with a problem is much different from reading about it? Bubba is urinating in the house now when I leave him. I counsel pet owners weekly about how to handle their dog’s anxiety when they leave.  We talk about increasing the dog’s exercise, behavior modification training, counter conditioning, pheromones, and when all else […]

Why ARE we so expensive? One of the most common questions I hear on a week to week basis.  I thought this veterinarian gave a very well thought out response. Bubba and I are loving our gorgeous spring weather.  Hope you all are too!

Why Does My Dog Mount?

“Why does my dog try to mount other dogs?  He’s neutered!”  or “My spayed female dog is humping my child! What do I do?” Sometimes a veterinarian has to discuss issues that might be considered personal, sometimes they can be uncomfortable.  But that is why we are here! Pets can display bizarre behaviors, our job is to […]

Follow up to At What Cost Other people are asking how much is enough and how much is too much when your best friend is sick…………………..

Testing Boundaries

I love living with my old dog.  Small things he does make me laugh but can also rip my heart out. As I write this it’s 3:58pm.  Bubba is staring me in the eye and whining/complaining. Technically, dinner time is at 5.  Anyone who knows Bubba, however, knows he thinks rules are optional. In the 10 years I’ve […]