Dinosaur Fleas

http://www.slashgear.com/inch-long-jurassic-fleas-slurped-feathered-dinosaur-blood-01216372/    It’s all about perspective isn’t it?  I thought our run of the mill fleas were bad.  More later…………


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  1. This blog is so true and I use to ask the same questions when my dog had several things wrong with him. First it was one knee surgery/ACL, then a year later it was the other knee, and knee cap/ACL. Then after a year he was ok for about three years but the second surgery was done by a different vet and my dog would not use that leg nearly as much as the other one that Dr. Schellenberger did. But had I known that at the time I would not have switched vet. Only to find later on that my male dog had an enlarged liver, chronic pancreatitis, bladder stones which were the bad one, the oxylate stones which can come back after having surgery on them with in 3 months or a year. Well they had to come out since my dog was in alot of pain. He had surgery and it went very well and was playing etc within a few days. Well in the mean time his chronic pancreatitis was getting worse and nothing was being done with the enlarged liver as he did not work on those and I did not want anything done with that. However his bladder stones came back with in 9 months. This time the surgery went BAD. He did not need to but it did. I found out through many of Vets and on line vets to. That when taking out bladder stones from a male that if you are going to go into the penis/urethra you never go with an instrument from the inside of the bladder through the penis and come out and then turn around with the instrument and go from the out side of the penis back through it into the bladder. So when I picked up my dog I said what in the WORLD happen to him. The doctor of course knew I was coming to pick him up but was to busy buying his new Truck. I have no problem with whatever he wants to buy, but when you do a surgery on my dog and tell me what time to be there and YOU are not there? I looked at my dog and I said to the lady that assists him in surgery and said WHAT happened to my dog. She said well it didn’t go so well this time. I said well what did he do different and she said well he wanted to make sure this time that there wasn’t any in the penis area. However the first surgery he did not do that. He just took them from the bladder and sewed him back up. This time he took it upon himself without telling me and went ahead and went through the penis from the inside of the bladder into the penis and out, but then turned around and came through with the same instrument from the outside of the penis back through to the bladder. This is WHAT was wrong. The assistant knew I knew something was wrong and she told me. Thank got I had done my research along with my husband to find out that YOU never go from the bladder into the penis and out. YOU ONLY go from the outside of the penis into the bladder as if there is any stone’s in the penis they will then fall back into the bladder and be picked out. needless to say I brought my dog home and within 3 days was so ill and madison was boggled as to why my dog died. Well there was a puncture in his intestine that finally leaked through and went up into his chest and that is what he died from. The doctor did not know at the time what he died from and asked if HE could do an autopsy on our dog. The ONLY reason my husband and myself said YES is because of that last surgery and me seeing him dying before my eye’s with a surgery he had done before and did so well. So the autopsy was done and showed the small puncture in the intestine’s right next to the bladder. This vet did kill my dog. Regardless of the mess he made of his leg four years earlier, I thought well i will give him the benefit that just maybe my dogs other knee was worse. As this is what he told me. He had to do 2 different surgeries in one. That leg was never good but with all the other health issues I knew my dog was not doing well and WAS IN PAIN all the time. I said to this vet at What point do you think enough is enough with surgeries and only make the other problems that he couldnot fix worse. He said OH I would never tell you when to put your dog down. I am an animal activist. I thought YOU ARE WHAT, This dog meant the world to me. My friends called him the million dollar dog because of all the money it cost to care for him with all his surgeries etc. Never would I put my dog through this again. But for that Vet to know how ill my dog was and to put him through another surgery which is the one that killed him in the end. Would he not rather say Oh I will never tell you that, I am an animal Activist. NO HE WAS A MONEY hungery man for money to pay for his addition. Who goes off hunting the day after you do surgery on a dog and a dog that has health issues. To not even tell me that he would be out of town. Was that to much to tell me. This happened on more then 2 occasions and Never will I not asked before someone does surgery on any animal of mine. Needless to say with your Blog that I liked, I agree as to what point to we treat them as an animal and not a human. I treated mine as my own children and for that ended up in the hospital after my dog died. MY precious Bichon Frise. This was one year and 4 months ago. I thought NEVER EVER AGAIN would I be able to go through this, But here today in my home is our 10 week old Bichon Frise that we picked up in Indianna. From a wonderful breeder that has had Bicon Frise’s since she was 18 years old, also showed dogs, but after getting married and having four children she did not show as much. Our Little Drummer’s great grandfather comes from WILD BILL, JR, Beau Monty is his grandfather, which won the ENTIRE Westminster DOG Show twice between the years of 2005- 2010. Cannot remember the 2 years but I do remember watching it and seeing the Bichon Frise winning the entire westminster. Now my dog that was 8 weeks old when we picked him up and I am very close to this breeder who I never knew before. She said she wished everyone was like me that took care of her puppies she sellls, but she had I believe 100 No’s from her. She said she can tell by the way the talk the things they are looking for etc. When she found me she was so excited and I said how will I pick out a male Bichon Frise with this breeder that had 5 males and 1 tiny female. This breeder does not breed very often. She said it had been some years since she breed one of her females. The are pets and One is hers that she will not breed anymore, and the other one is her daughters dog that was 3 1/2 years old and this is where my puppy came from. My puppy’s dad name is Merlin. He is now just taking to the ring. He will be show all over the U.S. and wouldn’t that be something if he made it to the westminster dog show. Our puppy is very very smart. Smarter then my other bichon but this one has alot of spirit but also has alot of sweet down time. Working very hard on potty training him. It’s a ton of work and I do not work anymore due to bad health for the past 8 years at a young age, but I am here for our puppy as my husband but we do not want to lose our freedom we had before, so the more he is trained the better it is for him and us to leave him for a while to shop, and see a movie. Sorry this is so long, and I never talk about this as it makes me feel sick about my dog I lost, but now we have new Spirit in the house, but his dog nor any other dog will ever replace my dog I lost last. But this one is our last dog as hopefully with all the searching I did for a healthy bloodline, but to my surprise I got a champion bloodline. So so thankful. I am not sure where I am going to go with my little Drummer. I do not know who to trust to do the best with him and I feel in my heart this one will be much healthier then my last. Thanks be to God.

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