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Cat in Charge This is a great article by Dr. Dodman from Tufts University.  He writes about cats that want to be in charge. Cats are fascinating to me.  They refuse to be fully integrated or domesticated as dogs are with humans.  They are a paradox.  The feline family is broadly diverse; Lynx look very different from Tigers which […]


I just got back from the annual American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)  meeting in Denver.  In Wisconsin, veterinarians are required to take 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years.  This includes local meetings, webinars, journal reading and large conferences.  I try to get to a large meeting every couple of years.  It helps to […]

At What Cost?

Because I’ve been thinking a lot about my post on a deepening human-animal bond…….. I wonder at what cost this tighter bond will have on the humans as well as the animals.  Is this a good thing for both of us? On the one hand there are tremendous positives with the strengthening of our relationship.  Simply […]

Dinosaur Fleas    It’s all about perspective isn’t it?  I thought our run of the mill fleas were bad.  More later…………