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For Better or For Worse

For better of for worse, I’m going to start blogging.  For richer or for poorer I became a vet.  In sickness and in health, if you take your pet to me it’s hopefully much more of the latter. To love and to cherish, the greatest gift of sharing your life with an animal. Amen.

As I write this, my dog Bubba is right beside me on the couch.  It’s fitting he’s here with me.  He’s been around a while and has experienced a lot of veterinary medicine both as observer and participant. If you’ve had to see me on emergency, chances are he was there in the lobby waiting to greet you.  He demands to come to work with me almost always.  He doesn’t want to miss anything.  He sees himself as an important part of life at Hill-Dale, except he hates the x-ray room.  One too many x-rays for him over the years.

He and I are companions. We’ve both grown over the years. We’ve changed and stayed the same. He’s mellowed from energetic youth to zen-like elder statesman.  He retains his sweet disposition and love for humans.  I’ve gone from idealist and wet behind the ears, to seasoned  (cranky) realist.  I retain my love for and fascination with animals.

I’m blogging to talk about veterinary medicine and the job of being a vet, but also to connect to others who understand that who they are is in part because of the animal they love.


More later………..





One comment on “For Better or For Worse

  1. will be great to keep up with you and the vet news. thanks.

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