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A good cat

I’m a dog person.  In part this is because I am horribly allergic to cats and can’t live with one.  I’m able to see them in practice if I take multiple pharmaceuticals and wash my hands often.  It makes me sad because as much as I love dogs, when I think of my greatest successes […]

Which one is the Social Parasite?

Dogs have been called social parasites. They adhere to us and change our social structure. We alter our routines to incorporate them in our lives. In the US alone we spend billions of dollars of our disposable income on their feeding, enjoyment and care.  We happily pick up their waste, we let them sleep with us, we groom THEM.  How […]

For Better or For Worse

For better of for worse, I’m going to start blogging.  For richer or for poorer I became a vet.  In sickness and in health, if you take your pet to me it’s hopefully much more of the latter. To love and to cherish, the greatest gift of sharing your life with an animal. Amen. As I […]

Hello world!

‘Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one.’ Oscar Wilde